If you want a more in-depth understanding for why I started this blog, check out my first post, “Why a blog?” It will hopefully explain everything more clearly. In short, I decided to start a blog to share my life with others. In no way am I the only one processing hardships or other regular things that happen in life, and I think that sometimes it makes it more bearable to know we aren’t alone.

I want to not only enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with, but to¬†thrive in it. As one saved by Jesus, I have the ability to have a full life, because it is Jesus that makes it so. I’m learning to embrace Him, and sometimes that means mess and brokenness, but other times it means a wild and unstoppable energy as the passions and desires He placed in me come to the surface and are used to serve Him. God is seen in both situations, and I hope that this place allows you to see Him in both aspects of my life. Perhaps it will encourage you to look for Him in the good and bad of your life as well.