Why a blog?

I’ve gone back and forth for a few months about whether or not I should start a blog. It seems pointless, in one sense, because there are a million blogs out there, and why should my life be documented along with the rest of them? But, realistically, if I’m going to continue to write, posting blips on Facebook is going to become tedious and potentially obnoxious, so I thought that perhaps starting a blog would alleviate some of that. And so, with great encouragement from certain people, I introduce to you my blog: A Jubilant Life.

Why Jubilant? For an official definition; “jubilant: feeling or expressing great happiness or triumph.” You see, despite the fact that this current stage of my life is riddled with sadness and struggle, I can experience great triumph. It’s a wonderful thing to realize. My life is not limited to the years I spend here on earth, but extends beyond to eternity. I’m promised triumph because my Savior has already done it. He has won, and I’m part of that.

In light of that fact, a secured triumph with Jesus, why on earth would I not express that now? And here we are at the crux of it all. I started a blog because people need to know that they aren’t struggling alone and that life is hard for others as well. More than that, there is joy to be found during the times of hardship and also in times of peace.

I’m learning a lot. I thought I knew about joy (it IS my middle name, after all), but oh, how much there is to learn. I’m going to write a lot about what God is teaching me through waiting, through self-discovery, and through creating. I’ll post some bits I’ve already written and shared via Facebook, just so everything is all in one place, but it is my desire to encourage and bring about some sort of togetherness as we all experience life. May you discover a jubilant life alongside me.


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