To race.

I did a sprint triathlon today–a 1/4 mile swim, 14 mile bike, and a 3.5 mile run.

Leading up to this race, I went through all these different emotions. When I first signed up I was excited and ready to focus on something other than baby making. As the months progressed and training became rather dull, I started to think that maybe this was a really bad decision. There was also a week in there when I was dreading the race. I ended up being grumpy and irritable because I was afraid of it and didn’t want to do it. In addition to this, we didn’t stop trying to get pregnant, even though I had signed up for the race. I figured that if it happened, I would just not compete so I could protect my body. So not only was I bored of training, I was also hoping that we would conceive a baby and the training would then become a moot point.

Here’s the kicker: I’m glad I’m not pregnant.

Shocking, I know. We’ve hit a year of trying and I’m okay with it. Actually, someone just told me they were pregnant yesterday and I was only happy for them. Seriously. It weirded me out too.

Being a parent isn’t the only way I can glorify God. I did it today when I moved my body.  I was praising Him when I finally stopped freaking out about not being able to see in the water, and found peace and security each time I glimpsed the sky. And I was thankful when I could be confident in my body’s ability to propel me through the water and in a semi-straight line.  I was praising Him when I was on the bike and singing softly to myself and laughing at the dogs that were barking at the bikers. I was marveling at the fact that all these old people were passing me…men and women in their 60’s! How neat is that? On the run, I was glorifying Him because I decided I wasn’t too proud to walk when I needed too (let’s be real here: I definitely almost threw up while running, so that kind of forced me to walk during the race.) I was then encouraged by an older gentlemen to pick it up, finish well, and beat him because “I shouldn’t let an old man beat me.”

I wanted to have fun during this race and to be thankful. That was my prayer for today, and it totally happened. I’m blessed to be able to move. I’m blessed to have parents who run all over Winona to cheer for me. I’m blessed to have a husband who encourages me to get out of my comfort zone. I’m blessed to have friends who celebrate the good things with me. So I’m sitting here, fresh from a nap, super thankful and excited for the next one.

Random fun fact: I did throw up at the end.


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