A List of Ten.

Thankfulness is something I need to practice, especially on the hardest days. Here is a list of 10 that I’m thankful for:

  1. Zane. Was this one a no-brainer to everyone else as well? Ha. Zane is so solid. He works hard, he is sweet, gentle, and kind. He loves me because I’m me and not for anything I do or don’t do. He’s my greatest blessing outside of salvation.
  2. Pull-through parking spots. Yes, I went there. Haven’t you ever had a bad day, and then you find yourself a steal of a parking spot, only to discover that it is a pull-through spot and no additional effort is needed to get out? It’s the best feeling. I hope it happens for you today.
  3. Books. I love reading. Honestly, through this past year, reading a good book has been a sort of escape for me. Sometimes I can’t actually handle what is going on and how helpless I feel, so I read a book and my mind gets to relax.
  4. My pets. I have a dog and cat. They are weird.
  5. The little girl I watch. She’s wonderful and spirited and funny. She brings me a lot of joy, and it melts my heart everytime she says, “I love you, Lizzy.”
  6. Family. My parents are the best. They have been so good to ask questions, be encouraging and to listen when I need to process out loud about something. My sister is great. She wrote me a looooong letter this summer to encourage me and it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.
  7. Rainy days. I’m glad for days that justify my desire to stay inside and read.
  8. Walking. I’m learning how to go on walks for the sake of walking, even if there is no destination. It’s refreshing and healing in a way.
  9. Coffee. It’s what brings us together, people.
  10. Laughter. It really might be the best medicine. Even in sorrow there can be joy.

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